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Green walnut skins - peeling em to make Greek/Armenian preserved walnuts

Green walnut skins – peeling em to make Greek/Armenian preserved walnuts

I haven’t forgotten my goals, though I haven’t posted about them here. I’m not sure why daily posting suddenly isn’t working for me but it’s not.

So I’ve continued, modifying as needed:

Meditate 5m (installed an app on my phone – helps)
Floss and do something that will make me sore tomorrow (situps most often)

I try to stand more often (today I slacked, yesterday was great) and I’ve written LOTS of thank you notes.

Also strange (but good) things – emailing strangers out of the blue to ask for advice or help. Emailing people from news articles that I enjoyed – a very outgoing step but so far it’s been received with appreciation and kindness.

Things I’m trying to add:
sweating-balls exercise
soup or broth to meals
remember to eat spinach (I like it, but I’ve slacked off on eating greens, eating fruit instead)
eliminate PPI

I’ve slacked on sleep and foraging. Reading, paleo, minimalism: OK.


Little brown mushrooms

Little brown mushrooms


Hmm. This was all ready to go for yesterday’s post but I didn’t bother to hit publish.

Something isn’t working – 3d of no posting, starting today.  If I don’t miss it by then, I’ll reeval.


Good weekend

Dear glacier, you forgot one

Dear glacier, you forgot one

I have been camping and kayaking with my sister.  I’m not sure where that falls (standing for 3h, thankful for many things) but I’m very thankful for a good weekend!


38 days/Streak

On a Very Long Walk, I saw a carp

On a Very Long Walk, I saw a carp

Next challenge: 38day streak, as here.


  • Stand for 3h.
  • Thankful for 4 things.
  • Exercise.
  • Write a thank you note to someone.
  • Meditate 5m.

All will require a post, so the ‘easiest’ option (standing instead of sitting for 3h) will be a photo post – not a bad challenge.I don’t know why I find 5m of meditation more painful than 3h of standing, but I do.

Ongoing challenges:

Sleep, Paleo, Foraging, Reading, Less stuff.