Long walk

Mongolia , Ulaanbatar suburban back street, prayer flag

Mongolia , Ulaanbatar suburban back street, prayer flag

Long walk to buy eggs and look for nettles.



Ideas, Ideas

Apple orchard, sun, blue sky

Apple orchard, sun, blue sky

Breakfast invention: Spicy tomato-coconut water ‘soup’ with curry fried apple-salmon cakes

Progress on sleep-improvement: no lights

New game with siblings: positively laughable

Fish, sunlight, new people

Grass, dog, boots

Grass, dog, boots

It was a good day to be on the water.

Bluegill (didn’t get to eat any, but fun to catch).

Camping cleanup and laundry accomplishment.

3 things on a monday

Horse shelter in the woods

Horse shelter in the woods

I got some much-needed sleep.

I studied fish all day (for an interview that was canceled at last min – but will be rescheduled, so yay).

Chicken, sausage, bitter greens, green beans for meals this week.

Music, camping, new friends

Found on a walk: red barn, blue sky, green grass, empty field

Found on a walk: red barn, blue sky, green grass, empty field

Good weekend – I volunteered at a music festival as an extremely discounted way to get free admission and camping for the weekend and it was a lovely way to spend the weekend outdoors! I am now more tan, possibly covered in poison ivy, and enjoyed some good outdoor living and campfire cooking. Also met some lovely new friends in a city I used to live in – another reason to go visit!



Music and vol.

This will be a good several days, easy to be thankful for.  I’m volunteering at a music festival so that I can see good music. Also, there will be camping.



Violet saag paneer, from freshly foraged violet leaves for dinner.

Homemade soda: lilac, pine, lemon, ginger, black vinegar, blood orange bitters, etc.

Froze nettles for winter.

I smell like lilacs, as I spent all day picking and cleaning the flowers to turn into soda.

I stayed up all night last night drinking whiskey and laughing with my brother while we waited for his redeye flight home.

It didn’t look like the picture today (gorgeous gorgeous sun).

Omelet for breakfast, coffee with brother


Zucchini slices in butter, salt, pepper, and lemon juice


Mother’s day

Field in sun with brother, breaking sticks and conversation.

A room and a door.

Read The Wayfinders (highly recced!) and Cycling home from Siberia and both were good.